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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dark Passion

Happy Holidays everyone! Now that Christmas is almost over, things are slowly getting back to normal - and so is the blog! There might even be some more looks than usual over the next few days as I'm on holidays and for once, not travelling! A few days ago, I came across some digital images of fantasy make-up and was wildly inspired by the fabulous designs, so I decided to do something similar today:

How to achieve it:
1. Prep your lids (I prefer Bare Canvas when taking pictures, as it evens out my lid colour and surface like nothing else!).
2. Apply Your Ladyship pigment on the browbone.
3. Apply matte black shadow all over the lid and in the crease, starting slightly behind the tearduct.
4. Apply matte red shadow above the black across the outer two thirds of the lid with a pointy brush (MAC #219), blending into the black.
5. Take a fluffly brush (MAC #217) and apply Peppier eyeshadow above the red with a very light hand.
6. Line upper lid with black gel eyeliner, drawing the line further out in the inner and outer corners. Also line below the lower lashline and blend the harsh line with black eyeshadow.
7. Apply matte rd and Peppier on the lower lid in the same style as the upper lid.
8. Apply Majolica Majorca RD544 red metallic liner on the inner half of the lower lid as well as the outer half of the upper lid.
9. Put a small drop of lash glue to your hand and dip some red rhinestones into it one by one, then apply the rhinestones to the outer lid and on the browbone. Pick up and apply the rhinestones with tweezers. Add a clear one in the inner corner as well.
10. Line the lower waterline with white kohl pencil.
11. Apply false lashes and mascara to the upper lashes, then mascara only to the lower ones.

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 mattes palette, MAC Peppier, MAC Your Ladyship, jolifin rhinestones, u.m.a. gel eyeliner in black, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, wet 'n wild lashes, CG Lash Blast

Would this kind of tutorial be helpful to you if you wanted to recreate this look? Anything that is missing or that you would like to be explained in a better way? Please let me know!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Green Equinox

Blogginbeauties, a dutch beauty blog, is featuring my blog and an interview with me today! Check them out here:

Some weeks ago, a friend sent me some pigments from alva's Green Equinox collection to try! Those are probably the mineral eyeshadows that most resemble MAC pigments, they are much less powdery than most regular mineral products! Therefore, the intensity is almost like foiled shadow, and the colours are very pretty too! In this look, I used Side by Side, a very intense copper shade, all over the lid and drawn out into the crease. For the crease, I used Mauve Me, which is similar to MAC Violet but lighter and more muted, and a matte dark-ish blue/violet from the Zoeva palette. I also used  bit of  MAC Lark About pigment in the inner corners, but that wasn't the best idea, it is too shimmery! The false lashes are part black, part purple.

My eyeliner is sadly giving me some trouble - lately, I cannot seem the colour to look good, it always ends up looking watery and my skin is getting increasingly uneven around the upper lashline :( Anyone ever had the same problems and found a good solution to them??

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, alva Side by Side, alva Mauve Me, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, Boots No. 7 lashes, p2 liner pen, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, MAC Lark About

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Elegant Smokey Holiday Look

My take on a simple but festive smokey eyes look - for all those who prefer something timelessly elegant for the holidays! This is a very classic concept which I spiced up a tiny bit by adding extra lashes on the lower lash line. The main lid colour is Fyrinnae's Newcastle,mixed with some matte black from the Zoeva palette. The browbone highlighter is MAC Your Ladyship pigment:

Product List
Face: agnes b. b.pure foundation, MAC Studio Finish NC15, MAC Blot powder Light, Cargo Sunshine Coast
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Your Ladyship, Fyrinnae Newcastle, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, Clinique Egyptian eye kohl, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, p2 lashes, CG Lash Blast
Lips: MAC Prrr

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Springtime Elf

I felt like doing something colourful again, and got my Springtime Skipper out - one of my favourite MAC shadows of all time. To give the colour some more punch, I layered it with Chartreuse pigment and a very thin layer of Pure Ore. Crease colours are all from the Zoeva 88 Mattes palette:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Springtime Skipper, MAC Chartreuse, MAC Pure Ore, Lime Crime Elf, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, Red Cherry #600 lashes, p2 Liner pen, CG Lash Blast

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've had this concept in my head for quite some time, but didn't get to try it out until today. Well, I almost failed again today because I discovered I did not have my rechargeable batteries for my external flash with me, but - lucky me - shops were open today and I was able to go and grab some. Hope you like it! It's pretty simple really, the focal point is definitely the eyes here, who are covered in iridescent sparkle and are given more expression through the long feather lashes. The base colour is a matte mint, and the lower lid has some black liner and mascara. Sorry there are no eye close-ups (I prefer to take those without flash as I ned to hold the camera close to my eyes), it was already too dark to get any no-flash pictures and you get the idea from the full-face shots as well...

Product List
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, iridescent nail art pieces, LeniLash feather lashes, Maybelline Expression kohl in black, Manhattan JT, CG Lash Blast
Face: MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect, agnes b. b.pure  foundation, MAC Blot Powder pressed (light), MAC Sweet William blushcreme
Lips: MAC Petal Lure, MAC Instant Gold

*False lashes courtesy of*
*Die Wimpern wurden kostenlos von zur Verfügung gestellt*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ice Crystals

Hey everyone,

I'm very busy this weekend (again), so unfortunately I don't have time to do a new look, but I came across this one that's been sitting in my folders for quite some time. I shot it some months ago and then never got to publish it- and I guess it's better than nothing :) It was basically a no-mascara kind of experiment, and it's more about the photography than about the actual make up, but it was still fun to do! The lid colours are several shades of light and medium blue from the Zoeva palette, the upper lashline has silver sequins, and the lower one has two rows of blue rhinestones of different sizes:

Product List

MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 mattes palette, silver glitter (large particles), Jolifin rhinestones

Monday, November 08, 2010

Brown Sugar

And here's another mineral look! Although I have to admit that I find shimmery mineral eye shadows increasingly hard to work with, as I find them usually harder to blend than matte shadows (at least without losing too much colour intensity), but I'm still seduced by the wealth of different colours in minerals! For the lid shade, I applied Antique First and Brown Sugar on top, as I found Antique too greenish and wanted something more golden for the lid colour. Crease shades are matte black, purple and turquoise, with some pink and golg glitter on the lower lid:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Taylormade Antique, Taylormade Brown Sugar, Zoeva 88 mattes palette (black), Taylormade Knockout, Taylormade UFO, p2 liner pen, NYX Glitterati palette, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, Andrea lashes, CG Lash Blast

Monday, October 25, 2010

Taylormade Coral Gold

Is anyone bored of coral-gold looks yet? I am - kinda, I pictured this to come out differently, but when I applied the colours, it doesn't look much different from other looks I've done before. Oh well, you can't really go wrong with anything coral, right :)?

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Taylormade Goldie, Taylormade Satellite, Taylormade Coral, Taylormade Blush, NYX Glitterati Cream Palette, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, p2 Liner Pen, MAC #34 lashes, CG Lash Blast

Monday, October 18, 2010


Bored with the dreary sunday weather, I decided to get the minerals out again and found the perfect colour to match the day: "Gloomy Sunday" by Archetype :) Inspired by the purple and green iridescence of a beetle's wing (and the Archetype colour of the same name), I created this rather subtle look and added a little pattern of pure white rhinestones for some extra sparkle:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Platinum, Archetype Gloomy Sunday, Pressed Pansy, Daybreak Aeval, Lolita's Lollipop, Beetlewing, p2 Liner Pen, rhinestones, black & white kohl, Shu Uemura Lashes, CG Lash Blast

Monday, October 11, 2010

Streak of Gold

I'm back! I had a lovely week in Montpellier and enjoyed some sunshine before winter starts and it gets really cold... This was just one of those looks where I started out without even a trace of a concept, just dipping my brush into a random colour and do whatever fancy strikes me. I started with vivid matte blue in the outer corners, continuing into a lighter shade and finishing with Lime Crime Mermaid in the inner corner. To add to the different textures, I decided to add some metallic gold - thus almost creating the appearance of leafy gold with MAC Pure Ore Metal-X:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Lime Crime Mermaid, Zoeva 88 Mattes Palette, MAC Pure Ore, essence liner pen, gold glitter from NYX Glitterati palette, Maybelline Expression kohls black & white, Red Cherry and p2 lashes, CG Lash Blast

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Diamond Swirls

I'm leaving for a one week's vacation to Montpellier tomorrow, so here's a quick look before I leave (:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, 88 Mattes Palette, essence liner pen, golden rhinestones, eylure Girls Aloud lashes, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, CG Lash Blast

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Water Nymph

What do you do when you`re not feeling inspired? Rummage through your "inspirations" folder and come across a really cool look you wanna dupe! Here's the picture:

I tried to copy it as well as I could, right down to the little snow flakes in my hair. Maybe some of you have seen the look before and know the photograph I'm referring to? The look is part mermaid, part snow queen, so it's right up my alley!


Stupid picture of me, but shows the eyeshadow quite well (:

For this look I had to skip eyebrow make up, so for once, my brows are naked! Eek! The headpiece is a combo of 2 necklaces from Evans in London. It's a plus size store, so sadly the clothes are usually too big for me (although I'm not even slim), but they have the most gorgeous jewelry, I love it ♥! Nailpolish is by Sally Hansen.

Product List
Face: MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect, MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, MAC Blot Powder Pressed in Light, MAC Beauty Powder Shell Pearl
Lips: L'Oréal Blush Scarlett l/s, MAC Of Corset! l/g
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Waternymph, MAC Platinum, Zoeva 88 Mattes Palette, NYX Glitterati palette (fine silver glitter), Maybelline Expression kohl in black, CG Lash Blast, Red Cherry #WSP lashes